Creating A Saved Search

Utilizing Saved Searches is the best way to stay ahead of new, emerging companies as they are added to our repository of private companies. If you are particularly interested in a specific vertical, or region - saving a targeted search is the way to go!

Saved Searches differ from Custom Lists in that Saved Searches gives you the ability to identify new companies or investors based on a saved set of filters and search criteria, while Custom Lists allow you to track and compare specific companies.

To Create a Saved Search:

  1. Log in to the Mattermark website.
  2. Select Companies from the dropdown menu at the top of the page and click on All Companies.
  3. Choose your desired filters from the pre-populated search options: Vertical, Location, Investors, Stage, Keywords, and Custom Score or select Advanced to choose from additional criteria. You can also click on the header of each column for filtering options.
  4. When you have finished selecting the filters for your Saved Search, click onSave and give the Saved Search a title.

Advanced Filters will give you additional criteria and help super power your searches.

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