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Enrich current leads, discover new opportunities, and have more insightful conversations by moving the relationship from transactional to trusted, powered by Mattermark. 

Businesses rely on Salesforce for complete account records, and ranking and prioritizing leads all within context of the account. Enable Mattermark in a Salesforce workflow to always have the most up-to-date company data (e.g. employee count, total funding, state, description, scores and 40+ fields) and make accurate and timely business decisions. 

- Enrich Your Leads

- Update Automatically

- Streamline Existing Workflows


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I. Installation Guide:

Install Your Mattermark Token 

Once you have downloaded Mattermark from the AppExchange you will receive an email with your Mattermark Token, which you'll use to authorize Salesforce to start retrieving data from Mattermark. You only need to install the token once for your entire Salesforce Organization. 

To install the token, copy and paste the API Key from the email you receive next into your Mattemark Admin Panel in Salesforce.

Once you have saved the token and configured your field mappings, data will start syncing immediately.  

II. Support Guide

Mattermark offers a variety of team tools available at different plan levels to match your account needs. During your annual contract period, you may only add additional users or transfer account responsibilities for current users. Any subscription renewal term modifications for active account users require a 45-day notice prior to the contract anniversary pursuant to our terms of service. 

We hope that you get as much value as possible from your account, so if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 

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