Alert Notifications

With Mattermark you can receive email alert notifications for companies that fall within your Saved Searches or Custom Lists.

Saved Search Alerts

Two types of alert notifications exist for Saved Searches: Company Alerts and News Alerts. Company alerts inform you when a new company is added to your Saved Search. News Alerts will provide you with a daily digest email when companies in your Saved Searches are featured in one of the 750+ news sources/10,000+ news articles we pull in every day.

When you create a search and go to save it, by default, both types of alerts will be checked. You can change these settings at any time by doing the following:

  1. Log in to the Mattermark website.
  2. Select Companies from the dropdown menu at the top of the page and click on Saved Searches.
  3. On the right-side you will see Company Alerts and News Alerts as headers. Simply click on or off to change your settings fore ach individual saved search!

Custom List Alerts

A daily digest email will be sent to you for any company that is featured in a news article in your Custom Lists. This is setup by default when you add companies to Custom Lists. If you would like to turn off all Custom List notifications, please email

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