Renewals and Cancellations

When you sign up for a paid subscription to use the Mattermark Platform (“Subscription”), we will charge your credit card for your first fee on the date that we process the order for your Subscription. All of our Subscriptions are annual contract agreements entered by you freely and subject to our standard terms of service. Your Subscription will automatically renew on your account's yearly anniversary.

If you choose to cancel your Subscription for any reason, you must contact Mattermark 45 days prior to the anniversary date of your current Subscription otherwise your annual renewal Subscription fee and associated taxes will be due. Note that as all of our Subscriptions are annual contracts, fees charged prior to the effective date of cancellation and for the entire contract term will not be refunded, in whole or in part. Please review your Sales Order Contract Agreement for specific pricing and timing contract terms associated with your account.

While we expect that you'll instantly find amazing value in Mattermark's business intelligence data, we understand the continually shifting needs of businesses in the current marketplace. If you have any questions or problems, we encourage you to reach out to to allow us to help make you successful.

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